Xavier Grau

«Zero» is the beginning, the ending, is nothing and all, a place to start and to arrive.

Xavier Grau, in his first album, is presenting a different and personal view of the electric bass, a new work where the improvisation, the emotions, a sincerely and direct way to do music are the motor of all the things than occur in this album, and up to stage. All this with a repertoire based in the style of some of the catalonian bassist more influents, that also are the key to understand the construction of his project.

«Zero» is essence and every concert its a moment of sublety, humility, sincerity and emotion a unique moment with a band that is too.

In March 2015 the japanese magazine Jazz Life wrotes about this album: «[…] Zero show us the talent of Xavier like a composer […] and also his excellents qualities as a solist bassits.»

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