Andreas Arnold

Since we met on september 2014, in New York, the city where resides Andreas, I felt that it would be a project where not only involve me as another musician. In 2015 he came to Barcelona to record his first album as a soloist flamenco guitarist, and I participated as a percussionist, productor and even in the arrangements of some of his songs. (by C.R.M.)

Ojos Cerrados by A.A.

In an age where we live behind screens, it takes one to close his eyes to really see, to really hear and discover the beauty that lies deep within all things. This is the place where these compositions started. I hope that they will take you to that place.

Andreas Arnold’s new album Ojos Cerrados (Gallileo, June 2016) is a love affair between Flamenco and Jazz, Spain and New York, the old and the new world. The CD is the result of a collaboration between Arnold and spanish percussionist/producer Carlos ‘Vikingo’ Ronda. Besides legendary bassplayer Carles Benavent, fourteen other musicians participated in the making of the album, including the flamenco singer Antonio Lizana from Cadiz, Valencian singer–songwriter Carles Denia and a string quartet. The music was written between Jerez de la Frontera and Brooklyn. The recording took place in Barcelona in 2015.

Listen here: